Full Tuition Scholarship at Humber International College | 2018-2019.

The Humber College offers scholarships to the new international students who are to begin their courses in September 2018 and January 2018. The main purpose of the scholarship is to encourage students who have been interested in moving to Toronto, Canada for higher studies to take admissions in the Humber College.  The scholarship may offer either a partial or a full coverage of the tuition cost for the students.

Field of study

The students should be from any one field of study which is available at the Humber College.

Nationality – there are no restrictions on the nationality. Students of all nationality are held eligible to apply for the Humber International Entrance Scholarships.

Monetary value

There are two different values for the scholarship. The students applying in September 2018 will be receiving two full-tuition scholarships in addition to a scholarship of $5,000 while the students applying in January 2019 will be receiving a single full tuition scholarship and an additional amount of $5,000. The scholarship money is used to finance the cost of tuition fees for the student.


If the course takes more than a year for completion, the students may renew the Humber International Entrance Scholarship each year. However, the students are considered eligible for the renewal only if they have maintained a minimum average of 75 % in their academics.

Eligibility criteria

The students should meet the following criteria so as to be held eligible for the application.

  • The candidate should be looking for admissions into the Humber College in any one field of study offered at the college
  • The students should have an excellent record in the academics
  • The students should have an active involvement with the community and in community programs
  • The candidates should have a strong statement of interest for continuing an undergraduate course in the Humber College
  • The candidate should have one or more reference letters
  • The candidate should be an international student
  • The students should have a legal visa for studying in Canada

How to apply?

The students are first required to take their admissions and then apply for the scholarship. The scholarship form is included together in the acceptance package. The students should submit all the required official transcripts together with the application form. The application process is online.

Last date

There are two sessions for applying. The deadlines are May 19th and September 28th, 2018 respectively.



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