€ 25,000 University of Twente Grant: The best scholarship offer

Their University of Twente is a very great university for all the students who belong to the EEA and non-EEA countries. The university doesn’t uphold any discrimination as it warmly welcomes all the countries with open hands and delivers them to the best degree possible as per their credential they uphold the desired degree. The university goes with a series of test before it finally finalizes the list of its all students. The university follows and adhere a very strict sense of regulation which needs to be followed at any cost by the respective individuals.

The scholarship-

  • Scholarship value ranges from € 3,000 – € 25,000 and people from all over the countries are applicable for the scholarship if they adheres the main primary rules and regulation for them.
  • The fee relief only goes for the one year program which means if any individual who has completed their one year of training in the course are applicable for the course. The people who had availed the courses have been benefited and will be benefited in the upcoming years to come.
  • In the case of the two year program, the individual will only be benefited for the first year, from the next coming year the individual has to pay the entire fees with no extra waiving of the fees. The users need to be consistent regarding attendance and other factors as well before they can be benefited from the course.


  • The person needs to start their course for the upcoming year of the 2018 or 2019
  • The person before can be eligible for the scholarship has to go through the provisional program which usually goes for the eight weeks. Once a person passes these provisional exams, and then only he or she is qualified to appear for the exam of further fee waiving.
  • The person must uphold a legal Netherlands visa which can benefit the individual from all the sectors. If any such cases are found when a person is found with any mischief is liable to get restricted from the respective college. The people are therefore very sensible while participating in any program and usually have legal documents which can no later any cause any trouble to the person.
  • The person is always asked to get a verified an English test program; the people are required to perform well in the IELTS exam. The people who perform well in the exam are directly taken into consideration for relieving the fees compensation.
  • Application form
  • The person first needs to qualify the round one, once the first round is cleared the person is liable to go for the second round. The second round is the declaration round which describes the level of fees waive one can handle.
  • The people are always advised to get to the official website of the respective site as the there are many fraudulent websites which can mislead the people from all the walks of lives.

Deadline: 1 Feb/1 May 2018 (annual)
Study in:  Netherlands
Course starts Sept 2018

This is the respective website to avail the site much further details.


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