Commonwealth scholarship for the master degree from UK University, apply now!

The Department for International Development leads in the UK and provides a scholarship for the students in extreme poverty. They are managing to tackle challenges including poverty, disease and mass migration and conflict. With the help of the security, they are providing safer, a healthier world in the developing countries and in the UK as well.

The scholarship

This is the Commonwealth scholarship for master degree given to the students with low or middle-income commonwealth countries. Who wants to get a master degree in the UK University? This scholarship enables the students having talent and motivation for the students gaining knowledge and skills for sustainable development. This scholarship is being provided for the students who cannot afford to study in the UK.

The scholarship is being provided to the people under six themes

  • Science and technology
  • Promotion of the global prosperity
  • To strengthening health systems and the capacity
  • Strengthening the global peace and security and governance
  • Inclusion and opportunity


For applying for the scholarship, you must follow all these steps

  • Be a citizen or have granted refugee status by the eligibility of commonwealth country.
  • Can also be the resident of an eligible commonwealth country
  • Should be available to start their academic studies in the UK in the month September and October 2018
  • By October 2018 the students holding the degree of the least upper and the second class can also be given a second class degree.
  • Students who are unable to afford studies in the UK without this scholarship

The Commonwealth scholarships for master degree identify the individual talents of the students who are having the potentials for making changes. We are totally committed to the policy that provides you with equal opportunity. This also encourages the students from a great range of candidates.

Applying procedure

The CSC does not accept any direct application for these scholarships. You have to choose any of these nominated bodies at first that is:

  • National nominated agencies
  • Selected nongovernmental organization and other charitable bodies

The application made by the students should be made through these nominating bodies only. Each nomination body is responsible for its own selection process. Students must check with your nominating bodies and get the rules that will help you in applying with your eligibilities within their last date for applications. There is no age limit for the application Appling for this scholarship.

Selection procedure

The application should be considered with the following selection criteria:

  • They will be selected according to the merits of the candidate
  • They will be selected on the quality of the play of study
  • And the potential of the work that the student is giving on the development of the candidates home country

These are all the criteria that are followed during the selection process. To apply the last date will be on 22 October 2018 so people interested can apply at the given link for the scholarship.


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