Apply for MBA scholarship offered by IMD: The best of all

The Switzerland course which is provided throughout the nations with giving special preferences to the countries like Africa, Middle East and the central and Eastern Europe and this can create an upswing among the native students from all over the world and are joining this prestigious university with all the enthusiasm. The students primarily go for the MBA degree in this prestigious university.


  • The students are provided with the specific scholarship of the amount of CHF 20000 and the scholarship is mainly targeted to the African citizen with the special sense of brilliance.
  • The students who are only pursuing the master in administration are applicable for the scholarship and because of this very reason people uphold their degree from this specified university.


  • The people who already applied for the course are eligible for the course. The course is mainly given to the people who cannot do it because they are suffering from the financial needs.
  • The person from all over the world can apply for the course and thus because of this very reason people can easily choose the course and earn a whole lot of money by it.
  • The eligibility varies from all the countries that apply for the course. The scholarship that is provided too varies from country to country.
  • The students are only applicable to apply only once for the scholarship. Once the scholarship is been applied to the entire fee, the person cannot redo it and thus if any case withdraw the fees will not again get the same profit which he otherwise got in the first fee deposition.
  • Application form filling criteria –
  • The university doesn’t go for the economics but actually go for the credential a person holds so that he or she can apply for the university.
  • The students are required to write an essay about all the reasons which enforce them to join this specific college. The students thus are very pleased and happy in the way in which the entire university works and are filling forms and writing essays in tons. The worth of the university has been increased over the years as it is making a whole lot of social efforts to get every individual to get an upholding of a degree from this prestigious university

The people and student who are willing to join this college don’t need to add any extra donation to the university and are strictly taken into consideration if their resume gets the desired appreciation. There an internal community in the university which encourages the students to study and pick only the selective students from all over the world to give admission in this unified college. The popularity of the school has been known all over the world, and the significance of the college has gone through over the ages

The college has a very efficient unit which continuously works upon selecting the individual with special skills and who are worthy enough to avail the facilities of the college at the free of cost.
MBA Degree

Deadline: 30 September (annual)
Study in:  Switzerland
Course starts January 201

This is the respective website to visit the site.


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