$10,000 Ritchie Jennings Memorial Scholarship | 2018-2019.

The Ritchie Jennings Memorial Scholarship was created in honor of Larry Jennings and Tracy Ritchie, two members of the ACFE, aged 49 and 41 respectively, who were martyred in Pakistan, during a terrorist attack on November 12, 1997. There were three other people in the vehicle, including Mr. Tracy and Mr. Ritchie, all employees of the Union Texas Petroleum Holdings, when the terrorists opened a fire upon them.

The scholarship is meant for the encouragement of students from all over the world, to take up career paths in fraud examination. It is awarded to the aspiring students with the aim to sharpen their skills in fraud detection as well as deterrence. Till date, almost half a million dollars have been awarded to about 300 students for the purpose of aiding their education.


  • The candidates applying for the Ritchie Jennings scholarship should be fully enrolled in the academic year of 201 to 2019
  • The candidates should be a student at an accredited university or college
  • Candidates are required to hold a minor or a major in criminal justice, business administration, accounting and finance
  • The candidates should have an innate desire in advancing career in the field of fraud examination
  • Eligibility
  • Undergraduates applying for the scholarship should be enrolled for 9 semester hours in every term
  • Graduates should have an enrollment for 6 semester hours every term
  • The candidates should have a recommendation, preferably from a CFE or a Certified Fraud Examiner or a professor at the college or university where he/she is studying. Candidates with recommendations from individuals who had interactions with them due to fraud-related activities, interests, education programs, etc may produce them at the time of applying for the scholarship.

Monetary value

The monetary values of awards are as follows

  • One scholarship of $10,000
  • Two scholarships of $5,000
  • Four scholarships of $2,500
  • Twenty three scholarships of $1,000

Along with the monetary reward, the students are also offered an ACFE Student Associate Membership for one year.

How to apply?

Candidates should apply for the Ritchie Jennings Scholarship online. Official transcripts supporting the all the completed courses acquired from colleges and universities should also be uploaded at the time of form filling. Furthermore, it is mandatory for the candidate to have at least two recommendation forms on behalf of him/her at the time of submitting the form.

Last date for applying – 29 Jan 2018

Link for the scholarship:

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